• Yonina Pink Tulip Bouquet

    Regular price From RM238.00 MYR
    Regular price RM248.00 MYR Sale price From RM238.00 MYR
    Yonina Pink Tulip Bouquet| Fresh Flower Bouquet Delivery
  • Judith

    Regular price From RM158.00 MYR
    Regular price RM168.00 MYR Sale price From RM158.00 MYR
    Judith| Valentine Roses Bouquet| Same Day Delivery
  • Chamomile Bouquet

    Regular price RM148.00 MYR
    Regular price RM168.00 MYR Sale price RM148.00 MYR
    Chamomile Bouquet| Same Day Fresh Flower Delivery
  • Fannie

    Regular price RM198.00 MYR
    Regular price RM208.00 MYR Sale price RM198.00 MYR
  • Cappuccino Rose

    Regular price RM218.00 MYR
    Regular price RM228.00 MYR Sale price RM218.00 MYR
    Cappuccino Rose| Valentine Fresh Flower Bouquet| Same Day Delivery
  • True Love

    Regular price RM248.00 MYR
    Regular price RM258.00 MYR Sale price RM248.00 MYR
    True Love| Valentine Roses Bouquet| Fresh Flower Delivery
  • Sweet Delight

    Regular price RM258.00 MYR
    Regular price RM288.00 MYR Sale price RM258.00 MYR
    Sweet Delight| Chocolate Rose Bouquet Delivery
  • Josie

    Regular price RM458.00 MYR
    Regular price RM488.00 MYR Sale price RM458.00 MYR
    Josie| Valentine's Roses Bouquet| Same Day Delivery

Flower Bouquet With Gift Boxes

We know it's the little things that make the biggest difference. Our beautiful fresh flower bouquet are fresh picked with hand-tied by our experience florists.

Beautiful hand bouquet come together with unique flower gift box. (Except petite bouquet)

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  • 4 in 1 Birthday Bundle

    Regular price RM264.00 MYR
    Regular price RM294.00 MYR Sale price RM264.00 MYR
    4 in 1 Birthday Bundle - Ipoh Fresh Flower
  • Unicorn with XL Teddy Bear Bundle

    Regular price RM296.00 MYR
    Regular price RM326.00 MYR Sale price RM296.00 MYR
    Unicorn with XL teddy bear Bundle| Teddy Bear Birthday Gift Delivery
  • Amelia Birthday Bundle

    Regular price RM186.00 MYR
    Regular price RM216.00 MYR Sale price RM186.00 MYR
    Birthday bundle| Fresh Flower and Gift Delivery| Ipohfreshflower.com
  • Sweet Bites Bundle

    Regular price RM206.00 MYR
    Regular price RM236.00 MYR Sale price RM206.00 MYR
    Sweet Bites Bundle| Birthday Gift Set DeliverySweet Bites Bundle| Birthday Gift Set Delivery